wireless hardware switches (pciehp is your friend)

I've been playing around with an eeePC 900, which is very well-supported by debian. Kudos to the eeepc team!

I had one problem with it, after upgrading eeepc-acpi-scripts from version 1.0.4 to 1.0.9: with 1.0.4, i was able to use an ACPI hotkey to disable and re-enable the wireless. With 1.0.9, the device did not come back up for me after a toggle. The problem was resolved for me with:

echo pciehp >> /etc/modules

which i figured out from reading a brief post on the very-informative debian-eeepc-devel mailing list. The rest of this post explores why that was the answer for me.

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Tags: eeepc, wlan