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  1. New OpenPGP certificate for dkg, 2019


    I've scrapped my first try at a new OpenPGP certificate for 2019 (the one I published yesterday). See the history discussion at the bottom of this post for details. This blogpost has been updated to reflect my revised attempt.

    2019 OpenPGP transition (try 2)

    My old OpenPGP certificate will …

  2. Protecting Software Updates

    In my work at the ACLU, we fight for civil rights and civil liberties. This includes the ability to communicate privately, free from surveillance or censorship, and to control your own information. These are principles that I think most free software developers would agree with. In that vein, we just …

  3. Changes for GnuPG in Debian

    The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) upstream team maintains three branches of development: 1.4 ("classic"), 2.0 ("stable"), and 2.1 ("modern").

    They differ in various ways: software architecture, supported algorithms, network transport mechanisms, protocol versions, development activity, co-installability, etc.

    Debian currently ships two versions of GnuPG in every maintained …

  4. a10n for l10n

    The abbreviated title above means "Appreciation for Localization" :)

    I wanted to say a word of thanks for the awesome work done by debian localization teams. I speak English, and my other language skills are weak. I'm lucky: most software I use is written by default in a language that I …

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