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  1. 2022 Digital Rights Job Fair

    I'm lucky enough to work at the intersection between information communications technology and civil rights/civil liberties. I get to combine technical interests and social/political interests.

    I've talked with many folks over the years who are interested in doing similar work. Some come from a technical background, and some …

  2. New OpenPGP certificate for dkg, 2021

    dkg's 2021 OpenPGP transition

    As 2021 begins, I'm changing to a new OpenPGP certificate.

    I did a similar transition two years ago, and a fair amount has changed since then.

    You might know my old OpenPGP certificate as:

    pub   ed25519 2019-01-19 [C] [expires: 2021-01-18]
    uid          Daniel Kahn …
  3. WKD for

    WKD for

    You can now fetch the OpenPGP certificate for any Debian developer who uses an e-mail address using Web Key Directory (WKD).


    With modern GnuPG, if you're interested in the OpenPGP certificate for dkg just do:

    gpg --locate-keys

    By default, this …

  4. OpenPGP Certificate Flooding

    OpenPGP Certificate Flooding

    My public cryptographic identity has been spammed to the point where it is unusable in standard workflows. This blogpost talks about what happened, what I'm doing about it, and what it means for the broader ecosystem.

    If you work with me and you use OpenPGP certificates to …

  5. New OpenPGP certificate for dkg, 2019


    I've scrapped my first try at a new OpenPGP certificate for 2019 (the one I published yesterday). See the history discussion at the bottom of this post for details. This blogpost has been updated to reflect my revised attempt.

    2019 OpenPGP transition (try 2)

    My old OpenPGP certificate will …

  6. Protecting Software Updates

    In my work at the ACLU, we fight for civil rights and civil liberties. This includes the ability to communicate privately, free from surveillance or censorship, and to control your own information. These are principles that I think most free software developers would agree with. In that vein, we just …

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