tzconfig failing on xen instances

I had trouble recently with a few xen etch instances built off the typical etch xen packages. The problem was that the domUs all reported time natively in UTC, despite my having used tzconfig to set it to my local timezone (i'm not in UTC).

Within the domU, while i could cat /etc/timezone and it would show the correct zone, doing a cmp /etc/localtime /usr/share/zoneinfo/my/time/zone indicated that they were in fact different. and tools like `date` would report in UTC if the TZ variable wasn't set.

` running dpkg-reconfigure tzdata did the proper thing, though, and updated /etc/localtime. Had that failed, i would have just copied (or linked, if /usr shared a partition with /) in the proper file to /etc/localtime. given that tzconfig seems to have been removed from lenny, i'm not sure where/how to report this problem, or if it's worth it. It may be due to a weird interaction between tzconfig and xen's default clock weirdnesses, too (the domU's inherit their clock from the dom0 unless you deliberately detach them).

Tags: clock, timezones, tzconfig, xen