Talks and tracks at debconf 10

I'm helping out on the talks committee for debconf 10 this summer in NYC (so yes, i'm going to be here for it, even though i don't have that little badge thingy). This is a call for interested folks to let us know what you want to see at debconf!


If you haven't already, submit your proposal for a talk, performance, debate, panel, BoF session, etc! We know you've got good ideas, and the final call for contributions went out yesterday, due in less than a week. Please propose your event soon!


Also, we want to introduce Tracks as a new idea for debconf this summer. A good track would thematically group a consecutive set of debconf events (talks, panels, debates, performances, etc) to encourage a better understanding of a broader theme. For this to work, we need a few good people to act as track coordinators for the areas where they are knowledgeable and engaged.

A track coordinator would have a chance to set the tone and scope for their track, schedule events, assemble panels or debates, introduce speakers, and report back at the end of debconf to the larger gathering. We also hope that a coordinator could identify potential good work being done in their area, encourage people to submit relevant events for debconf, and shepherd proposals in their track through the submission process.

Are you interested in coordinating a track on some topic? Or do you have a suggestion for someone else who might do a good job on a topic you want to see well-represented at debconf? You can contact the talk committee privately if you have questions at, or you can contact the whole team publicly at

Some ideas about possible tracks:

We can't guarantee that any particular track will happen at dc10, but we can guarantee that it won't happen if no one proposes it or wrangles the relevant events together. Help us make this the best debconf ever and make sure that your own topical itch gets scratched!

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