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  1. Changes for GnuPG in Debian

    The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) upstream team maintains three branches of development: 1.4 ("classic"), 2.0 ("stable"), and 2.1 ("modern").

    They differ in various ways: software architecture, supported algorithms, network transport mechanisms, protocol versions, development activity, co-installability, etc.

    Debian currently ships two versions of GnuPG in every maintained …

  2. a10n for l10n

    The abbreviated title above means "Appreciation for Localization" :)

    I wanted to say a word of thanks for the awesome work done by debian localization teams. I speak English, and my other language skills are weak. I'm lucky: most software I use is written by default in a language that I …

  3. OTR key replacement (heartbleed)

    I'm replacing my OTR key for XMPP because of heartbleed (see below).

    If the plain ASCII text below is mangled beyond verification, you can retrieve a copy of it from my web site that should be able to be verified.

    -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512OTR Key Replacement for XMPP dkg …
  4. Inline-PGP considered harmful

    We changed the default PGP signatures generated by enigmail in debian from Inline PGP to PGP/MIME last year, and the experiment has gone well enough that we're now using it in jessie and wheezy (where it arrived as part of a security update to make the extension work with …

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