Articles by Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg)

  1. a10n for l10n

    The abbreviated title above means "Appreciation for Localization" :)

    I wanted to say a word of thanks for the awesome work done by debian localization teams. I speak English, and my other language skills are weak. I'm lucky: most software I use is written by default in a language that I …

  2. OTR key replacement (heartbleed)

    I'm replacing my OTR key for XMPP because of heartbleed (see below).

    If the plain ASCII text below is mangled beyond verification, you can retrieve a copy of it from my web site that should be able to be verified.

    -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512OTR Key Replacement for XMPP dkg …
  3. Inline-PGP considered harmful

    We changed the default PGP signatures generated by enigmail in debian from Inline PGP to PGP/MIME last year, and the experiment has gone well enough that we're now using it in jessie and wheezy (where it arrived as part of a security update to make the extension work with …

  4. automatically have uscan check signatures

    If you maintain software in debian, one of your regular maintenance tasks is checking for new upstream versions, reviewing them, and preparing them for debian if appropriate. One of those steps is often to verify the cryptographic signature on the upstream source archive.

    At the moment, most maintainers do the …

  5. getting to TLS (STARTTLS HOWTO)

    Many protocols today allow you to upgrade to TLS from within a cleartext version of the protocol. This often falls under the rubric of "STARTTLS", though different protocols have different ways of doing it.

    I often forget the exact steps, and when i'm debugging a TLS connection (e.g. with …

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