FENCE! is a board game for 2-8 players.

Each player is a crooked fence, trying to:

Photo of a game in play


You can download a 2-page PDF (300 dpi, US letter), print it to card stock (or glue to paperboard), and cut it out. You'll also need:


Read over the Basic Rules for a game of FENCE!, or look at some of the Extended Rules and Variations.

You can also get all the Rules in a PDF, or in booklet form (print double-sided to US Letter, staple and fold into a booklet).

Modify FENCE!

Fence is a free to modify and redistribute under the terms of the GPL. You can check out the source for the map and modify it with Inkscape:

git clone git://lair.fifthhorseman.net/~dkg/fence
cd fence
inkscape map.svg

You can also use this repository to modify the rules and this web site.

If you make changes or improvements to the map, the rules, or the web site that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear about them.

FENCE! is Copyright © 2011 Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Jeremy Gillmor Kahn, and Christine Halvorson, and is licensed under the GPL version 3 or later.